The Universe has a sense of humor. The divine has made me laugh, cry, drop to my knees and spill my wine all over the course of two months. What I am about to share is certainly a spill red wine on my vegan fur rug type of moment.

Allow me to apply backstory. Roughly two years ago I met a very kindred soul at a BBQ in VA. I peeped her before she saw me, giving me time to calculate a strategy.  We will call her, Daisy. Eventually, my plan worked and we exchanged numbers. The following day we agree to see a film. She was running late and almost hit me in the pedestrian crosswalk, I can laugh now. We interact for a bit but time ( and a heap of other shit) was not on our side.

During our courtship (I am really trying to avoid the word situationship), I had to make some major and heartbreaking decisions with graduate school. My life and emotions were scattered. I took my pain out on the world, including her (not my most prideful moment). My emotional instability highlighted areas in my life that needed some attention. One day, tensions rose and we split. After the split, I started a journey of self exploration to seek balance. For two years I challenged myself to GROW and believe me Sis the journey was not pretty. I thought about her from time to time but always believed that we would never speak again. I told myself

She was sent by the divine to show me the areas in my life that needed healing and to challenge me, immensely.

Okay, let’s fast forward to present day. I no longer live in Virginia and currently living my best life in the Music City. I was a few months past separating from a person that I had a deep connection with (stay tuned for that blog Sis).Needless to say, I was in self love overdrive and had no desire to date. One night, I find myself on bumble with every intention of only using BFF mode. I felt a spiritual calling to switch to date mode, you know just for a little swipe or two. I literally almost fainted when I saw Daisy on my phone screen. Two miles away, the app indicated. So many thoughts ran through my mind. But the main one was:

What the f%@# is she doing here?

Again, my curiosity got the best of me, so I closed my eyes and swiped right. A few days later, she also swiped right. Then BOOM we plan to meet up for dinner. During dinner, we were both in disbelief that something placed us in the same city, again. There was chemistry and her energy still felt very familiar. We laughed like old times and shared updates about our lives.

Unfortunately, the story ends here. Because this just happened 48 hours ago! The way I see it, this could go many ways. Here are some examples:

  • We become best friends.
  • It could turn into something more. HMMMM?
  • I hit the lottery and move out the country.
  • It proves to be a mere coincidence. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • I’ve been dreaming this whole time.
  • Micheal B. Jordan finally decides to marry me. Bye Daisy!
  • We never see each other again
  • She reads this blog and hates it!
  • All of my exes come running back after reading this blog. Hm, decisions.
  • She has hoes in different area codes. Do you girl!
  • She reads my last blog and states ” I’m not ready for a relationship.” (That was a plug)

Truthfully, I am still in self-love overdrive so I am going to allow the Universe to take care of this one. I my spirit remains open to whatever comes out of this. I’ll keep you in the loop Sis.

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