Right card: Challenges
Left card: Outcome

Each month I will provide collective insight using my Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin. The two card spread will look at the anticipated challenges for the month and the likely outcome. I will also provide positive affirmations. I would encourage reading these affirmations each day. Please keep in mind, this may not resonate with everyone or at this very moment.

As always, please contact me if you would like further insight or have questions Sis. We got this!


This messages is represented by the left card in the spread. Immediately after pulling this card, I could sense that many of you are in your head about a project or a new relationship. There is potential to give birth to something amazing such as a creative project, business venture, or new relationship this month. But your thoughts are creating blockages. Self-doubt and fear are the key components to feeling stagnant this month. You may find yourself swarming in negative thoughts such as:

“I don’t have the resources or money to complete this project.”

“I don’t think I can do it.”

“I don’t meet the basic qualifactions.”

“I am unsure about this relationhsip.”

“Can I really trust this person?”

Likely Outcome

The answer to your self-doubt is, yes! Yes you can do it! The right card represents surrendering and letting go of fear and self-doubt. By letting go and taking a leap of faith you will find yourself being supported by the divine. A classic case of everything falling into place, unexpected finical support, and connecting with your life partner ( no more first dates). Your only expectation is to let go, take that leap of faith, and GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD SIS. Start planning that project, trust this new relationship, and believe in yourself. The divine has your back.


Today, I let go of self-doubt and fear. I believe in myself and my higher power. With each breathe, I release self- destructive thoughts. I am divinely created and my cup overflows with prosperity, abundance, and love. I walk with confidence because I am manifesting my all of my heart’s desires.

Personal Readings

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2 thoughts on “Messages from the soul: July 2019

  1. This is the same thing my astrology readings have been saying for me (co-star)! Thank you for the affirmations! I love your blog and thank you for bringing the positivity and encouragement.

    1. You know what they say, if you hear the same message twice LISTEN. I appreciate your love and support. It means the world. Let me know if you need anything on your journey!

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