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Sip & Learn

Grab your favorite class of wine, pen, and journal. Our Sip & Learn series makes learning fun and engaging. Join our private Facebook group and tune in live. Our topics are handpicked by our TSF sisters.

Self-Therapy Exercises

Listen to your soul’s voice with these exercises. Process your deepest thoughts and feelings at your own pace. Our self guided exercises were created by Kay and are strongly influenced by cognitive behavior and acceptance commitment therapies. Kay is a trained therapist who strongly believes in cognitve & psychodynamic interventions.

Self-love affirmations

A list of affirmations to include in your daily routine. Start your day feeling confident and strong. We all need a reminder Sis.

5 days of hermit mode

Take five days to reset and realign. Activate hermit mode by following our five day plan that will leave you feeling stronger than ever. Are you ready?

Letters to your soul

Use these guided prompts to draft a series of healing letters. Each prompt includes a crystal and candle pairing to further enhance your experience.

Do you love yourself?

Our reflection can tell us so much about ourselves. Connect with the woman staring back at you with this exercise. Examine the way you define beauty.

It’s not all bad, right?

It’s hard to see the silver lining when your emotions are running high. Complete this cognitive behavioral therapy exercise and turn lemons into a delicious spiked lemonade.

Escape anxious thinking

We created our own version of the STOP technique often used in dialectical behavior therapy. When you start to feel overwhelmed or out of control use this technique.


Spend some time alone, realign, and center yourself at least twice a week Sis. We created several short guided meditations that will assist you with tapping into your higher consciousness. Be sure to try our audio meditations.

Bullet Journals

Starve your distractions and feed your focus Sis. We created a variety of bullet journal templates to assist you with organization and balance. Explore and download below.

Daily Vibes

A daily worksheet to help you plan and balance your day.

Vibes Checklist

A self-care checklist to help improve and maintain emotional wellness.

Weekly Vibes

Weekly checklist that allows you to plan your week with ease.

Good Vibes

Create a collection of activities to put you in a good mood.

Meal Prep Vibes

Get in control of your physical health with this meal prep template.

Fitness Vibes

Raise your vibration with this simple at home fitness plan.

Angel Numbers Chart.

Are you seeing repeating numbers?