“I poured all of my hurt, unanswered questions, life reflections, self-exploration, and spiritual enlightenment into creating a healing space for other Queens. The Stiletto Files was and will continue to be my healing. I hope that it can be yours too Sis.”

Kierra also known as Kay is a 29 year old woman of influence. She is originally from a small town in South Carolina but currently lives in the Music City. Her sassy, energetic, and quirky style positively influences her writing to captivate any audience. Kay is a proud black, bisexual, chakra balancing, and sage smudging woman.

She hold as master’s degree in clinical mental health and is currently obtaining her clinical licensure. She is a board certified counselor and a devoted spiritualist. Many would say she was a born entrepreneur as she has owned a successful boutique, worked as a licensed cosmetologist, lead educational workshops on a variety of topics, and served as a mentor for adolescent females.

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