Tarot Goddess | Soul Healer | Licensed Therapist

Kierra also known as Kay is a 32-year-old woman of power. She is originally from a small town in South Carolina. Her compassionate, energetic, and quirky style positively influences her ability to connect with others. Kay is a proud black bisexual woman with a radiate soul.

She holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health and is a licensed professional counselor in Tennessee and Georgia. Additionally, she is board certified and duly licensed as a licensed professional counselor and mental health service provider. Kay takes an integrative approach to emotional healing. Fostering techniques in cognitive & dialectical behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic therapies.

Additionally, Kay has an affinity for writing and has been recognized for some of her writings in both academic and community settings. She believes that writing grants a person the power to understand their soul’s needs. Her writing journey started with poetry where she was awarded the “Young Poet” award in high school for her county. She expanded her love for writing during her graduate studies producing several articles on the mental health of black queer women and minority graduate students. Kay currently directs her passion for writing through “thought pieces” on The Stiletto Files blog. She has served as a guest blogger for several platforms discussing topics such as queer travel, self-esteem, and women’s empowerment.

Kay is also an energy and soul healer with natural gifts that she has worked to strengthen over time. She was made aware of her gifts at a young age and sought guidance from her grandmother who has since ascended. She describes the spirit of her grandmother as “The Yellow Butterfly” and continues to seek comfort and guidance from her and other ascended ancestors. Some of her natural gifts include soul and energy divination, empathy, and herbal healing.

To learn more about Kay’s spiritual background please visit our healing services page.

“I poured all of my hurt, unanswered questions, life reflections, self-exploration, and spiritual enlightenment into creating a healing space for other Queens. The Stiletto Files was and will continue to be my healing. I hope that it can be yours too Sis.”


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