One brand. Many ways to heal.

Our mission is to help women release the inner goddess in themselves through spiritual and emotional guidance. We believe that emotional and subconscious barriers can interfere with our ability to live a fulfilling life.

Sis this is a safe space for you.

Ways to heal:


We are inviting all women in Tennessee & Georgia to embark on a healing journey of a lifetime. Step into our virtual healing room and release. Our method of psychotherapy is integrative, affirming, and soulful. The perfect healing space does exist sis. Learn more.

Self Healing

We created a free resource portal filled with tools to assist you on your journey. Download our worksheets, listen to our affirmations/meditations, connect with your higher self by using our journaling prompts, or reflect on the healing topics explored on our podcast. Start healing.

Spiritual Guidance

Unlock messages channeled through your high consciousness. It is such a rewarding experience and we want to be a part of your awakening. Our spiritual guidance helps you challenge the warrior vs goddess paradigm, align with your shadow side, and connect with your divine team. We use a variety of divination tools including clairvoyance, tarot, and oracle cards in our practice. Book now.

Our Sisterhood:

I love how you are open and genuinely caring. You really want to be there for others and help them grow and succeed.

― Dom

It’s a safe space! It’s a great intersection of giving or even receiving a pat on the back or a loving push.

― Nita

About Podcast

The Stiletto Talk explores popular topics that can impact your journey towards healing and self-actualization. Hear the hilarious yet informative opinions of queer couple Kay & Nisey.

Each episode features a segment called “good sis case studies” where we follow the healing story of a fellow sister striving to heal.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

They bring topics to the forefront with insight, love, and humor. I can’t wait for season 2.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This definitely address some concerns of the modern woman. The dialogue is so real and makes you think about things from different perspective.