Puerto Rico

My trip to Puerto Rico was one of the best spontaneous decisions I have ever made in my life. I am simply thrilled that I was able to explore Puerto Rico with my best friend. I brought in my 29th birthday gazing out of an airplane window feeling overjoyed.


The weather in San Juan was perfect. The temperature did not rise above 87 degrees Fahrenheit and there was a constant breeze. The air was crisp, clean, and my lungs loved it. I barely sneezed or experienced any allergies during my entire trip. I truly wanted to bottle up some air and bring it back to Nashville.


My favorite restaurant was Latin Star Condado in San Juan. The staff was extremely friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed brushing up on my Spanish. I dined on a flavorful Monfongo dish served with vegetables and Spanish rice. I complimented my dinner with a rather large Pina Colada. The Pina Colada was served in a fresh pineapple and was absolutely mouthwatering.

My other favorite lunch spot was BaJuice where I enjoyed a fresh acai bowl on the beach. I have always been a fan of food trucks so I grubbed on rice and beans paired with fresh watermelon tea from La Cocinita on Ashford Avenue. During my time in Old San Juan I enjoyed a scoop of mango gelato (vegan of course) from Chocolato.  

After visiting the rain forest, I stopped at a small outdoor café called 8Bar. I dined on a homemade vegan burger and a local passion fruit beer called Mambo. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of 8Bar including the hammocks and beautiful view of the rain forest. Overall the cost of vegan food in PR ranged from $8-15! As many of my vegan friends can relate, this is a very decent price.


I lodged at Condado Palm in San Juan. This hotel was the perfect location to the beach (literally a 1 minute walk) airport (13 min taxi ride),casino and restaurants. The hotel offered complimentary breakfast, free bike rentals, bar, coffee shop, and a nice gym. The pool amenities included a four foot pool and a very nice hot tub.

 Right across the street was a Walgreens and CVS which was perfect for grabbing snacks and other essentials. It was very challenging to enjoy a plant based breakfast at the hotel but BaJuice was only .5 miles away. My only negative about the hotel was the size of the bathroom. Although it was great aesthetically, it felt a bit claustrophobic with the door closed.  

El Yunque

I spent most of my time at El Yunque meditating, relaxing in the natural pools, and balancing my chakras. I truly felt spiritually connected to El Yunque. The trails can be intense to those that are not use to climbing! I loved the natural springs, tower, and overlooks. Be sure to bring water shoes.

Map of El Yunque

Parking was a bit challenging. Therefore, I would recommend finding a central location on the map to park. Again, some of the trails are a bit challenging! But if you are thrill seeker like myself, challenges are the best part.

Old San Juan

The streets of Old San Juan are filled with love, music, good food, and culture. I remember thinking to myself “I could live here!” Old San Jan felt like home in so many different ways. I enjoyed OSJ at night and during the day.

My night adventures included listening to live street music and enjoying the ocean breeze. During the day I toured Castillo del Morro and some local shops. I spent the rest of my time sitting on the wall of Castillo del Morro gazing at the sea.

Next Stop…

I cannot wait to visit Puerto Rico. I have actually considered moving there in 2023. I will keep you posted Sis.

I’ll catch you on my next flight. Next stop: HAWAII.

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