Some days are a struggle

There are good, decent, and just plain ROUGH days Sis. We all experience them. For a solid two weeks the universe served me some major blows and I honestly struggled to bounce back. Karmic cycles came to a completion and the tower just kept on falling. Some days I questioned my future, love life, and business. Yes Sis I questioned The Stiletto Files and feared that it would not be successful.

ย I was feeling so rejected by people that I loved and felt like the world was against me. It felt like every door I approached slammed shut. During those two weeks I really had to practice challenging my negative thoughts and trusting the divine. At certain points I lost compassion for myself and became angry. I internally shouted โ€œget yourself together Kay! Why are you being so emotional?โ€ Despite the struggle, I found a way to throw myself out of bed and keep going. I did not stop getting up even though I cried while attempting to put my make up on, turned my phone off for days, and struggled to blog. To the outside world, I looked like life was perfect. The world saw my perseverance and after a few tears I saw it too!

Sis, if you ever experience a day, a week, or even month like this never stop getting up. When life knocks you down or brings you to tears, NEVER STOP GETTING UP!

Reflect on these truths the next time you are having a rusty and crusty day:

  • Each set back is pushing you closer to the finish line not further away
  • Take it one minute, hour, and day at time
  • Your intuition and Spirit Guides are your internal GPS. If you take a wrong turn or run into a road block your intuitive GPS will re-route you. But you must silence the negative thoughts so that you can hear your next turn.
  • Sometimes shit happens and the only thing you can do is thank your Spirit Guides. I promise, it was for your highest good. It’s radical acceptance Sis
  • Pain is a natural part of life. But suffering is a choice
  • You cannot change people, force them to see your point of view, or bribe them to love you. The only person that you can change is yourself
  • Focus on the now! You canโ€™t change the past but you can use the lessons to help change your future
  • You still cute Sis! You still 100% that Goddess
  • When things fall apart, rebuild bigger and better
  • Give yourself the love you freely give others
  • The best is YET to come

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