Go with the flow sis

I have a confession, I am a huge control freak. I have to force myself to “go with the flow.” My need for control not only sends my anxiety into overload but it has caused disturbances in many areas of my life. My controlling tendencies include:

  1. I rush relationships and become too forward thinking. Subconsciously, I get upset when my partner is not moving at the same rapid speed as myself.
  2. My plans are too rigid at times. I plan so much that I do not leave space for pleasant surprises.
  3. I find myself not living in the moment. There is magic in life’s simple moments but often times I am so focused on trying to control everything I miss the simple things.
  4. I go against the universe. Despite using dark matter to manifest, I fixate on my manifestations further delaying them. * Learn to manifest using dark energy Sis. It will change your life.*
  5. I like to know the outcome of ALL situations. And I do mean ALL. The unknown can be scary.

Are you a control freak Sis? This is a gentle reminder to go with the flow. Do not allow your controlling tendencies to block your manifestations or deter you from enjoying life’s simple pleasures.  

Go out and LIVE boo.


2 thoughts on “Go with the flow sis

  1. Laya says:

    I am so number 3 and 5 I am a very futuristic person and I strive at being a perfectionist and I miss signals or just being in the moment ! Very funny thing I also tell people I HATE FLOW .. But honestly ever since I’ve started working on myself and tryna find my passion and peace ❤️ I love going with the flow and writing , reading and working towards things I need to let go improve and reach goals . So I appreciate what you do definitely inspiring me to blog and write a book lol 😂 !

    1. Kay says:

      Thank you so much Sis. This is something I struggle with alll the time! I am happy I inspired you. Go ahead and start that blog and book sis so that we can collaborate!

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