a letter to my daughter

My sun, moon & stars,

I prayed, cried, and dreamed of you. Every decision that I made in my life was with you in mind. My career choice, each person I walked away from, and creating The Stiletto Files.  I made sure to take care of my body so that you would have a safe and healthy place to grow. I loved you before I even gave birth to you and dreamed of the day that I could hold you in my arms.

I am so sorry that you have to grow up in world that will frighten, disappoint, anger, and attempt to dim your light at times. Please know that no matter how harsh this world can be I will always protect, love, support, uplift, and encourage you. I want you to excel in ways that I did not.

I vow to:

  1. Nurture your creative side
  2. Empower your blackness
  3. Teach you how to acknowledge and express your emotions
  4. Help you learn to articulate your needs, wants, and desires
  5. Model how to properly communicate
  6. Help you discover your purpose and voice
  7. Introduce you to every career choice possible and show you that the world is yours
  8. Apologize to you when I am wrong. I am not perfect and will never pretend to be
  9. Grant you space to find your authenticity
  10. Give you the “talk” but not force you into a heterosexual box
  11.  Support you at every game or event. You will never have to look into the crowd and not see my face
  12. Travel the world with you. The world is your adventure book and we will never stop exploring
  13. Teach you about financial wealth. You will understand how to save, invest, and create income

You will not grow up the same way that I did. I am breaking bad generational child rearing. It stops with me and begins with YOU. I have learned from the mistakes of my ancestors and have vowed to give you a better life.

I hope to meet you in the next five years. Until then I will keep, healing, evolving, and walking in my purpose. You will have an emotionally stable and spiritually balanced mom.


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