Black women must stick together

Chile, what a time to be a black woman! When you sit back and think about the black woman I hope you find yourself in awe. We are resilient, godly, powerful, intelligent, creative, and excellent leaders. There is nothing that a black woman cannot do. Each generation gets stronger and even more beautiful.

We can give you life, hype, and 100% realness all in one encounter. We encourage other melanin queens with perked lips and tilted heads while shouting ” I see you Sis!’

Despite our greatness, sometimes the world feels like it is against our evolution. Our bodies, hair, and style of dress are constantly under public scrutiny. The black woman is externally admired but our internal struggle is ignored. Many want to be a black woman until it is time to BE A BLACK WOMAN.

Often times black women are turned into rivals, especially in the workplace. In an office with few black female faces, we sometimes see our fellow queens as competition and not our allies. A bitter war erupts in an effort to prove to our counterparts who can represent our culture the best, work the hardest, say “YES” the most, or can lead the company’s “diversity initiative” without question.

Of course, companies love to see minority women working to the bone without advocacy for proper compensation. They eagerly stand by watching while saving their coins thinking “carry on girl!”

Instead of working together and supporting each other, we find ourselves in a bitter cycle of “who does she think she is?”

This type of mentality is not conducive in the continued progression of the black female boss. When the world gives us the cold shoulder, we must seek solitude in each other. Time to join forces and conquer the world together.

We are in a new era of black excellence. So, let’s make some vows Sis:

  1. Join spaces created for us by us! Allow these spaces to grant you the opportunity to learn and expand.
  2. Serve as a mentor to young black girls. Help them understand how to navigate a male-dominated society.
  3. Take care of your mental health and encourage seeking therapy when needed.
  4. Practice self-care. Model and encourage the art of taking care of self.
  5. Be open to asking and answering questions about your expertise. Remember, she is not your competitor. She is your ally! There is enough world for all of us to thrive simultaneously.
  6. Understand, practice, and advocate for proper compensation. Know your worth! There are too many black queens getting paid less than they deserve.
  7. Support black female-owned businesses. Buy black! If you cannot buy at least spread the word. There are many free ways to show support.

Are you ready to make some vows Sis? Your sisters really need you!

I had several of these vows in mind when developing TSF! The Stiletto Files was created to serve as a platform for black and brown women globally. It is my hope that you continue to find the sisterhood affirming, encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, and freeing.

Keep thriving Sis. I see you.


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