Words to remember during your time of grief.

Greif is like ocean waves.

You must allow your emotions to ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean embracing each emotion as they come and honoring them. Somedays you may find yourself in tears and others laughing with the joy of a pleasant memory. Do not judge these emotions, invite and embrace them.

Forgive your loved one for transitioning.

Often times we feel guilty for being angry that our loved one left us. Please know that this is a natural part of the process. Ultimately we feel abandoned and hurt. Forgive your loved one and embrace figuring out your next life adventure without them.

Dead does not mean gone.

You can still connect with your loved one energetically. This means that although they are gone physically, cherish the memories that remain and uplift you. Such as a blanket that reminds you of them and provides you with feelings of comfort and safety. Find ways to invite your loved ones into your life through loving memories and celebrations. Some cultures create sacred spaces for their loved ones inviting them to remain present in their lives.

They have been released.

Some of our loved ones transitioned to the spiritual world in traumatic fashions. Meaning that their transition released them from pain and turmoil. Imagine them being a dove trapped in a cage. Once the door is opened, the beautiful dove soars toward the sky. Their options for travel are boundless. They can soar in the skies to faraway lands and quickly return back to the tree outside of your window just to say hello. Can you imagine how freeing and liberating that must feel like? Or how beautiful it must be to soar in the clouds?

If you are currently experiencing a loss we are sending you uplifting and positive energy. We hope that this post facilitates words of comfort during a difficult time in your life. Please know that TSF is here for you in so many ways. Need to chat? Book a soul-healing session or explore our other amazing resources.

Sending you love and the purest light.

-Your TSF Family.


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