10 winter self-care activities

The cold months may keep us inside but do not allow it to limit your self-care practices. Here are 10 self-care activities that you can do during the cooler months.

1. Create a manifestation box

2. Create a stovetop pot of good vibes

Grab a pot. Add water, cloves, cinnamon sticks, vanilla & orange peels. Let it simmer and fill your home with warm, comforting, and positive vibes.

3. Create a booklet of index cards with your favorite quotes

4. Drink a warm cup of tea by candlelight. Try one of these teas.

5. Create your own oracle cards

Use index cards or card stock.

6. Write your own book

Create a short story for each month detailing your most exciting memories.

7. Make your own inspirational coasters

8. Paint and decorate one of your old coffee mugs

9. Practice candlelight yoga

10. Sit by the fireplace and read a self-help book.

Put up a fireplace background on your tv if you do not have an actual fireplace!


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