Tea Time: Spiritual Teas 101

Sis one thing that I love more than a glass of red wine is a warm cup of tea. Teas carry many health and spiritual benefits. Here are my favorite teas along with candle pairings to help you get the most out of these teas.


Attraction & Relaxation

This tea attracts abundance and assists with relaxing your energy. Drink this tea when you need to calm your mind and hear the direction of your ancestors.

Light a green candle to attract abundance or a pink candle for relaxation.


Protection & Healing

My favorite! Calendula repairs your energetic field from absorbed negative energy. It also activates your ability to heal and provides protection. Drink this tea after being around draining or dusty energy.

Light a red candle for health, green for healing, or black for protection.


Third Eye Stimulation

Sip on a warm cup of lavender during times of introspection. Grab a journal and write down thoughts that come to mind; you may discover the answers that you seek. Drink lavender tea while reading your tarot or oracle cards because your third chakra will be simulated. Yassssss third eye!

Light purple candle for divination, wisdom, & power.


Raise Vibration & Release

Allow ginger to help you let go of negative feelings that have been causing an imbalance in your life. Especially feelings of resentment or jealousy. Take a hot bath and sip on a warm cup of ginger tea after a break up to release emotions and raise your vibration. Anytime you feel your energy and vibration decreasing embrace the spiritual energy of the ginger root. Drink that ex away sis. Listen to our Scared Woman affirmations while drinking this tea. Listen now.

Light a blue candle to release or a green candle to restore balance and raise your vibration.


Creativity & New Ideas

This is a great tea to sip on while business planning or completing a creative project. Peppermint stimulates motivation and inspiration. That’s right boss babes, this is the tea for you. It’s like drinking a hot cup of BOSS UP juice. Also great for those with writer’s block or those feeling stuck with creating their next business plan. Peppermint tea simulates the solar-plexus chakras and sacral chakra. Listen to our “Too Dope to Quit” affirmations while sipping this tea. Listen now.

Light a yellow candle for creativity, intellect, career, or inspiration.


Self-love & Passion

Roses are red violets are blue. Drink rose tea to pour some love into YOU. Of course, roses are naturally infused with loving energy so enjoy a cup of rose tea to help with self-love. I love to drink this tea while in a hot bath, listening to slow jams, with rose petals surrounding me. Drink this tea to increase your sensuality and attract loving vibes. Sip while listening to our Daughter Sunflower self-love affirmations.

Listen now.

Light a pink candle for love attraction, self-love, or affection. Crank up with heat with a red candle for passion and vitality. Dress your candle with dried rose petals & rose oil.

*You can use a white candle to substitute for any candle color.

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