Three questions you should ask yourself daily.

A cup of positivity with a sprinkle of reflection can make a huge difference in your mental health. Before going to bed each night ask yourself these three questions:

1. What is one positive thing I witnessed today?

This question is crucial as it guides you to reflect on the positivity that surrounded you during the day. We often don’t realize that we are on autopilot the majority of the day; causing us to miss life’s simple pleasures such as watching a human be courteous to another human. Find the beauty in each day.

2. What did I accomplish today?

Perhaps there are some items on your task list that did not get done resulting in feelings of defeat. Shift your focus each day to the tasks that you accomplished including tasks geared towards your self-care. I even make note of standing outside and getting some sun! See, I accomplished something small but it is always a huge mood booster.

3. What did I do well today?

You are growing and learning each day! Remind yourself of the things that you did well today. The skills you enhanced or mastered, a meal that turned out as planned, or successfully minimizing distractions. I am sure you did something well today. So, don’t end your day without giving yourself a pat on the back.

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Happy positive energy.


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