2020 has been worse than a dry synthetic wig.

Chile, can you say system overload?

Most days I struggle to hit the pause button sending my thoughts into overdrive. Anxiety brain often haunts my dreams and hijacks a much needed night’s sleep.

My task list keeps expanding instead of shrinking and just when I thought I got the hang of working remotely, shit hit the fan. The fan being my internet crashing for several days and office drama.

Everyday there is a new headline featuring the death of an unarmed black man, Dr. Dre’s wife wanting $2 million a month in their divorce settlement, and the continuous spread of COVID-19 globally. The world has literally turned into Wanda’s wig on Holiday Heart.

As you can imagine, my anxiety has been in overdrive leaving me feeling like a Barbie with her head pulled off. Despite my exhaustion, I have acquired a sense of control over my ruminations. I implemented cognitive behavioral therapy interventions and hours of meditation over the past several weeks. Learning how to identify triggers before entering into system overload has minimized my stress immensely.

Sis, the key is to gain a sense of control, silence negative thoughts, and practice self care before you are in a state of pure chaos. Keep in mind that control is accompanied by a state of groundless. Without a sense of control the door to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and mentally drained springs open.

The truth is working full time, studying, maintaining a household, and a business is enough to make anyone clear the wine shelves at Publix. I can only imagine what is on your schedule sis. If you are anything like me anxiety can cause you to react instead of respond, have mood swings, and project frustrations on to others. (sorry babe)

The next time you feel overwhelmed or find yourself staring exhaustively at the ceiling in the middle of the night; try one of these tips:

  1. Create a night time regimen that includes writing down all of the thoughts swirling in your head before going to bed.
  2. Complete a self care checklist to see all that you have accomplished. You may have gotten more done than you think. Try our vibes checklist.
  3. When you feel your anxiety boiling implement the STOP technique. Try our version here.
  4. Practice a grounding technique or meditation. If it’s a beautiful day step outside and try our nature meditation
  5. CBT CBT CBT! Use a thought log to organize your racing and negative thoughts.

You can find each of these resources on our Empower Portal. And sis guess what? You can download them for FREE.

Hang in there sis. Of course we are here for you.

Explore our healing services!


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