Why use affirmations?

Listening or reciting affirmations daily helps fill your mind and body with confidence. When you feel confident, you feel motivated! Sis, you can conquer the world once you silence those negative thoughts and tackle the day like a BOSS!


Affirmations are a great way to rewire your brain. Sometimes we allow our emotions to create a false sense of reality. Activate your wise mind with affirmations.


Crush negative and destruction thoughts by listening to affirmations repeatedly. Especially on days that your head is swarming with doubt, confusion, and frustration.

Downable Affirmations

Print and hang our affirmations in your office, bedroom, or on your bathroom mirror. Our affirmations are also professionally recorded, layered with good vibe music, and hidden tones meant to stimulate your chakras.

Daughter Sunflower

Speak affirming words of self-love and empowerment. Feel the embracing energy of your ancestors.

Sacred Woman

Affirmations to help you release your ex and embrace your sensuality. Restore your sacredness.

Freedom Key

Here is your key to release the past and set yourself free. You are forgiven and now it is time to affirm yourself.

Soulful Positivity

Be grateful for your beautiful live and all of the many aspects that make each day amazing.

Listen to our sustainability affirmations.

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Prayer Templates

Ancestral Help

Use this template if you are seeking the help of your ancestors for a specific situation or for general guidance.

Cleansing Prayer

Listen to this prayer when you need to clear the obstacles that are standing in your way. Or to cleanse your energy from negativity. Listen Now


Spend some time alone, realign, and center yourself at least twice a week Sis. We created several short guided meditations that will assist you with tapping into your higher consciousness. Be sure to try our audio meditations.

Go to sleep like a BADDIE and wake up like a BOSS