10 minute Goddess meditation

Evoke the inner Goddess in you! She is ready to break free.

Connect with your higher self and try this guided meditation.

  1. Find a quiet/dark space in your home. Light a white candle.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with your candle in front of you.
  3. Glaze into the light of the candle. Find a steady rhythm with your breath. As you continue to gaze into the white light slowly close your eyes.
  4. Call upon your higher self by chanting:

“I now evoke my inner Goddess. I ask that you break through my insecurities, negative thoughts, and self doubt to reveal yourself to me. Give me strength, rejuvenation, raise my vibration, and enchant me with your regal aura. I courageously channel your energy. Guide me to become the woman of my dreams. I will no longer suppress you. I am a conqueror, warrior, and today I stand victorious.”

5. Sit in silence for up to five minutes.

6. Grab a journal and write down any thoughts that came to mind during your mediation.

7. Conclude your reflection by listing three short term goals.

You have now stepped into your power. Repeat this meditation when needed.

Happy healing Sis!


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