Angel Numbers: Kay’s Guide



You are a manifesting magnet. Be mindful of your thoughts. Your thoughts become your reality. Are you manifesting a positive or negative future? Become clear of your desires. Write them down or say them aloud!



Are you in the presence of someone else right now? This is a sign  that you are right where you are suppose to be.  You are aligning perfectly with your higher self. Do not worry you are in a beautiful partnership with your higher self or in the presence of a soulmate.


Ascended Masters

You are in the presence of your Ancestors. They are currently winking at you as a reminder that you are not alone. Your ascended masters are asking for your trust. All is well, with whatever you are working towards. Give them a wink back.


Angel Protection

You are currently being protected by your angels. Be mindful of your environment when you see this number. This could also be a sign that something had to end for your protection.


Huge Changes

Brace yourself because “it’s about to go down!” Prepare for major change and transition. Don’t worry simply prepare yourself. Because this shift is divinely orchestrated. Excitement is ahead.

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