no chaser

Sis embrace all of this energy that I am about to throw at you. Therapy, self-love, and ugly cry healing got me to this point. I want you to feel the same.

The truth…

Everything about you is valuable including your love, time, energy, affection, and wisdom. Do not waste a minute trying to prove to someone that you are a GODDESS!. If they lack the ability to see your royalty then to hell with them! Block them from your whole life and don’t look back!

You deserve the world Sis and nothing less. You need a strong energy that can take all of you with no chaser. You are bold, beautiful, intelligent, and adventurous. You are the grand prize. In fact, you are a once in a lifetime type of woman. The most exquisite drink on the shelf.

The way you followed your dreams, got your finances in order, booked a few flights, pay all of your bills on time, and healed from all those past traumas is further proof that you are a walking Goddess. Only someone as strong as you can love their flaws, confront their fears, and wink at a challenge.

I just wanted to remind you Sis.

Keep conquering the world.

I see you!


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