Maverick: My parents don’t agree with my lifestyle

There may come a point in our adult lives where we start to realize that our values, spiritual beliefs or life perception differs drastically from our parents. It is a harsh reality to face at times. Especially when you want to share parts of yourself that you know deep down inside your parents will never accept. Or you are challenged with the difficult task of holding your tongue when trying to explain that your decision to not attend church did not change your relationship with God.

As your soul awakens, you begin to seek solitude in spirituality that spans beyond your childhood teachings as a faithful saint of the church. Let’s talk about your parents coming into your home and finding your ancestor altar covered with food offerings, sage smudges, oracle cards, and white candles. (true story) You see power, peace, and love but your parents may see things differently. In my parents opinion:

I am the maverick, black sheep, and lost soul of the family.

Especially after living in my authenticity as a bisexual woman. I wanted to scream from the rooftops the freedom I felt but my parents wanted me to keep quiet. “Kay that is not a part of yourself you need to share with the world. Keep it to yourself.” I remember thinking I have kept so many things to myself and I could not stomach inattentively sitting through another church sermon, entertaining the idea that marrying a man is my only option, or pretending that my view on life matched that of my parents.

It was in that moment when I realized:

“I have outgrown my parents!”

At first I felt horrible but then I realized; I should outgrow my parents!

My duty as their child is to expand, grow, adapt to a rapidly progressing society, and to take advantage of opportunities that were not accessible to them.

The butt naked truth is, they don’t have to change their values and I should not feel bad about mine! Neither should you Sis. Your parents may not always approve of your life decisions but you must not allow that to deter you from living in your authenticity.

Continue to evolve Sis. Do not allow anyone to stop you; not even your parents. Invite them on your journey as a passenger not the driver!

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