I am so grateful for my exes

I want to personally thank my exes because without them I would not be the woman that I am today. I am so thankful for every relationship that did not work out.  I reflect in gratitude that my ancestors did not bring back the exes I cried and begged for.

 If one of my exes happens to stumble across this post know that I am doing well. Please do not exit this page without reviewing the many life lessons I learned because of you. Enjoy boo!

Lessons my exes taught me

  1. Never and I do mean NEVER settle for less than you deserve. Loneliness can drive you in the arms of desperation. Desperation will leave you broke down
  2. No, I am not “too much.” You were just too small of a person and you should find someone with basic bitch standards
  3. Stop accepting apologies without changed behaviors
  4. Never dim your light to match someone’s insecurities
  5. Chase money not people. Never try to convince someone of your worth, force them to value you, or bribe them to commit.
  6. Sometimes people prefer the “great value” version of you. There is nothing wrong with you sis. Some people just like cheap quality.
  7. If they suck as a friend they will suck even more as a partner
  8. Do not ignore the red flags! If it does not feel right, something is likely not right
  9. I am not ready for a relationship translates to I am not ready for a relationship WITH YOU.  Allow them to walk away and please do not feel hurt if you see them with the Clover Valley version of you. *Revisit lesson #6*
  10. A person will always make time for the things that they truly desire
  11. Stay away from chronic text messengers. They lack communication skills

I hope you are enjoying the grass on the other side. The weather is beautiful over here love.


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