New Moon

“You don’t know this new me; I put back my pieces differently. It’s a new moon.”

I remember the old me so vividly. The girl that feared vulnerability, hated the person in the mirror, ran away from her problems, and struggled to see the beauty in every lesson. Let’s not talk about love! You gave so much of yourself to unworthy people that you lost yourself in the process. You seriously thought that your soulmate could magically heal your broken soul? Oh, you silly girl.

Well out with the old and in with the new! One day, something in you snapped. I will never forget that day; I can still picture it. There you stood glazing out the window in a white robe and a glass of cheap red wine from Aldi. You had experienced another broken heart, didn’t accomplish another goal, all your jeans were a little snug, and you hated your current job. All of a sudden, a voice whispered:

Girl get yourself together! You are divinely created. Stop wasting time! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Rise up!

Now look at you! Drinking top shelf wine, excelling in your career, loving yourself unconditionally, making shit happen, and blowing kisses at challenges. Trust me, the road has NOT been easy. But now you are telling a new story.

This is the story of a girl that rose from the ashes, dusted off her favorite red stilettos, squeezed effortlessly into her favorite tiny black dress, and discovered her worth.

You can rise up too Sis and I am here to help you. I hope that you find validation and encouragement through my stories.

Copyright 2019 The Stiletto Files


2 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. LiAnn Chantel says:

    I love being apart of this sisterhood where I can learn different perspective from other women! I have been having the worse year of my life and feel depressed and beaten down but these blogs give me the motivation I need to make it through every moment. Thx!!!

    1. Kay says:

      Thank you Sis! I am sorry to hear about your year. But please know that I feel your resiliency. Hang in there! Cycles are ending and new ones are beginning. Soon you will emerge from the ashes. You have so much support from your TSF Sisters!

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