They don’t deserve your love

I have a few questions Sis.

Why do we stay in places that ultimately ends up breaking us down? Why do we allow others to project their pain and leave us feeling like we have flaws that simply do not exist? Why do we work so hard to maintain relationships that are unhealthy? Why do we give people instructions on how we deserve to be treated? Why do we allow people to compare us to people that don’t even compete?

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? If so, chances are you are an empath like myself. Empaths have the beautiful ability to love and feel deeply. But we can also hurt just as deep. My biggest challenge as an empath is loving the person behind the veil and not the person directly in front of me. Because I can see what most cannot see in themselves, I fall in love with potential. I see what I choose to see and often love a version of someone that has not fully presented themselves to me. Seeing beyond someone’s pain is beautiful but just like most things, there are limits.

I have taken on the healing process for those that I love. I rationalized their hurtful words, ignored the obvious, and gave them crippling patience. There is no doubt about it, I give so much of myself and often get very little in return. I expect people to reciprocate love that they have no ability to give. It sounds so silly and I even feel embarrassed saying it aloud.

I am an empath and a Leo so my passionate love is breath taking. Over time I found that people crave my energy, rawness, perspective, emotional awareness, freedom, and mental strength. I feel good and I comfort the soul. Who wouldn’t want someone like that in their life? But you must protect this type of love.

Make sure you are giving your beautiful love to a soul that deserves it Sis. Your love is very valuable and any person with a fully functioning brain would be happy to receive it. But are they draining or recharging you? That is the question.

Protect yourself!


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