Cheers to bigger goals and bank accounts!

Well here we are. We survived 2019 and Sis it was so dusty. But all of that is behind us now. It is a new decade and year. I am strutting into 2020 feeling hopeful and confident.

Sis we are leaving behind the following:

  1. Poor eating habits. We must nourish our bodies.
  2. Dusty friendships
  3. Exes that seem to follow us each year. Block the number Sis. We don’t need that energy.
  4. Being late for work
  5. Poor sleep hygiene
  6. Comparing ourselves to others
  7. Living each day in autopilot. It’s time to enjoy each and every moment.
  8. Excuses! Stop making them Sis. That’s all I have to say about that.
  9. Not following through with plans. Start that business!
  10. Wasting money. Time to budget Sis.

Although we are leaving a lot behind in 2019, we are gaining so much more.

Poor a glass of Prosecco and raise your glass in the air:

Cheers to success, prosperity, unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing. We are bossing up in 2020! We are ready for any and every challenge. Time to unleash our inner Queen. This is our year.


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