You Can’t Compete Where You Don’t Compare

Small Town Girl Trying to Make Big Moves

We all know there’s more to life than just existing; our wants often surpass our needs which cause an episode or two of withdrawals, I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to be able to just simply and spontaneously pick up and take off to another part of the world?! If only life was designed to be that perfect and stress-free; wishful thinking, right? It’s almost as good as wanting to possess the power of ridding the world of attention seekers and other shameless individuals in an instant, but that means we wouldn’t be able to properly appreciate the good in life. Le sigh. I suppose we’ll just have to continue doing us among the irritating and insecure. Yeah, most of us lead average lives while striving for better but somehow end up being targeted by the miserable and entitled; where they do that at?! Oh, right, that’s eh-vuh-ree where and…

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