Pick a card- April 2020

What does April have in store for you? Channel your intuitive message by picking a card below.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get in a quiet and comfortable place
  2. Close your eyes and ask the Universe a question
  3. Take several deep breaths and center yourself
  4. Fix your eyes on the pick a card spread and intuitively pick a card
  5. See your message below

Card One

Your soul is ready to awaken and elevate.

It is time to crush doubt and understand that your wildest dreams may not be practical. It seems as if you are struggling to find the balance between trusting the Universe and the laws of practicality. You may be trying to make a head over heart decision and the Universe is asking you to take a leap of faith.

Stop diluting your dreams with practicality. Find your inner peace and allow the Universe to take you where you are meant to go. Discover your inner zen and unlock the law of attraction. You have the power to change your life once you find balance.

Card Two

The answer is YES!

You have stepped into your winning season. If you have been battling an injustice the Universe is about to pay you back in full. There is no need to doubt or fear. This card is a wink from the Universe letting you know that they have your back.

This card also represents financial gain, new employment, a bout of luck, new home/car, or engagement. This is very exciting! You are coming out of period of drought and doubt. Cheers to your new ventures.

Card Three

You are the true definition of a boss.

A vision came to you like an epiphany and you have been working your butt off. You are more focused now than ever. You see the big picture and you are eagerly working towards make your dreams a reality.

You have taken the plunge into the unknown and you are being rewarded. Obstacles will come but do not get discouraged. It is all apart of the divine plan. Stay the course, create a vision board to help you remain on task, and do not forget to celebrate each accomplishment along the way.

If you need help on your journey ask the Universe. They will listen.


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