I will make this the best year of my life by all means necessary.

This year I will take full ownership of my life and dreams. It is easy to hide our hands and blame the Universe when things do not work out but rarely reflect on the barriers that we caused ourselves.

Moving forward, when the spirit speaks I will listen with an open heart and mind. If my spirit guides instruct me to move, I am packing my bags without hesitation. So many times I have remained in situations against my better judgment. I was at war with the very entity that wants to protect me. I often found myself crying like a toddler while screaming “But I want it!!!! Why are you doing this to me?” While I was holding on to a mediocre dream spirit was ready to grant me more than my heart’s desires. Unfortunately, I realized this lesson after causing myself much emotional turmoil throughout the years.

Truth is, I get blinded by my wants and will foolishly sacrifice my needs just to feel instant gratification. I bid farewell to those days as I embrace walking in alignment with spirit. I want what my Ancestors want for me! I want my cup to overflow with favor. But this means that I must prepare to let go of dead-end dreams, toxic ways of thinking, and poorly navigating life just because “it’s what I am used to.”

This year I will shatter my own glass ceiling and soar higher than I have thus far. I refuse to allow others to distract or take advantage of me, remain comfortable with crossing my boundaries, and demand I lower my vibration to match their bottom bitch energy. I will not give more than I receive because I am preserving my energy all 2020 Sis.

I am more focused now than I have been in a while. This year I will be abundantly blessed in all areas of my life. I will experience financial and spiritual wealth, balance, an explosion of self-love, manifesting my dreams, and tremendous success. But most importantly, I will live my best damn life by all means necessary.

I am ready to expand and evolve Sis. Are you?


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