There are so many people around but here you are with a face full of tears feeling more alone than you have felt in a while. You find yourself seeking comfort in the chaos of your emotions. Do you feel confused? Hopeless? Lost?

It’s almost like you want to give up but the overwhelming feeling of “I come too far to turn back now” keeps peeking through the door. Every decision leading up to this very moment feels questionable. Did I make the right choice? Oh no, what have I done?

You feel hurt and angry all at the same time so you direct your anger toward yourself. You comfort yourself with fluffy insults hoping that they can validate the negative thoughts lingering in your mind.

You whisper to yourself,

I must be worthless because I feel so broken.

Could this be rock bottom? Has the tower fallen?

You feel silenced, misunderstood, and exhausted. You are now crying dust because you have cried so much. Your body aches and your throat feels dry. But somewhere buried deep into the trenches of your soul, you feel hopeful.

Are you currently or have you ever felt this way?

I know you feel alone but you are in good company sis. I have visited this pit of despair too and I am sure if you ask around you will discover that those close to you have also been in the pit. It’s dark, cold, lonely, and bone-chilling but you must place your focus on the little light shining through all of the darkness.

I like to consider this pivotal season of darkness, “the cocoon.” A phase of life that surrounds you with darkness but helps you grow your wings. During my time in the cocoon, I learned how to seek help, use my support system, affirm the strength of my ancestors, become comfortable with my fragility, experience vulnerability, and how not sacrifice myself for the happiness of others.

The most beautiful aspect of the cocoon is knowing what the outcome is, growth. Patient, affirming, validating, and life-changing growth.

Where will your wings take you once the cocoon rips open and you fly?

I hope that these words can be the warm embrace that you need as you prepare for the butterfly phase. Embrace the warmth of the cocoon and know that your TSF family is right here when you need us.

Book a healing service.

Start your journey now. Your future self is ready to meet you.


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