Journal Time: Write & Heal

Get it out of your head and onto paper. Try these journal prompts.

  1. What does my inner critic try to convince me of?
  2. How will I vow to protect and honor myself from this day forward?
  3. How am I getting better with age?
  4. What is one positive thing I witnessed today?
  5. What did I accomplish today?
  6. Have you broken your own heart? What happened?
  7. What is currently missing in your life right now? How can you attract what you are missing?
  8. What areas in your life do you need to ask for help?
  9. Are there things on your task list that are not your responsibility?
  10. How have your friendships changed over the past two years?
  11. List three things that motivate you on dark days?
  12. Define your physical and emotional boundaries.
  13. How are you maintaining mental, emotional and spiritual balance at this time?
  14. Who do you need to forgive?
  15. Are you consistently trying to learn something new?
  16. How are you being your own bully?
  17. What are your definitions of success and failure? Are your definitions rational?
  18. What do you love most about your life?
  19. Write three positive things about your body?
  20. Where would you find the woman that you are striving to be on a Saturday night?
  21. How do you challenge yourself to have vulnerable conversations?
  22. What is the difference between difficult conversations and confrontation?
  23. How can you be more vulnerable with your partner?
  24. How has procrastination stopped you from excelling?
  25. Are you a better saver or spender of money?
  26. How do you know when you need space?
  27. How is the self-fulling prophecy manifesting in your life?
  28. Are you ready for the things that you are calling in? In what ways?
  29. What is your non verbal response during difficult conversations?
  30. How did you parents project their childhood traumas onto you?
  31. Pick a quote that describes how you feel today. Write down and discuss how it fits your mood.
  32. Are you the problem?
  33. Do you reflect on how you can grow from past events or dwell on why it happened?
  34. What are dragging with you through each new chapter in life?
  35. Do you feel supported by those around you?
  36. How has jealously and envy shown up in your life? (How have YOU demonstrated this?)
  37. Is it hard for you to apologize? Why?
  38. Do you have difficult conversations with your friends when they hurt you?
  39. Who do you need to remove out of your life?
  40. Have you out grown any friendships?

Prompts are updated monthly.


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