The Purge

While spending my Sunday relaxing after a very busy week, I thought to myself:

Wow, I am really alone.

Alone in the sense that I have completely abandoned unhealthy ways of thinking, let go of past love connections, banished doubts & fears about my future, distanced myself from toxic family members and reclaimed all of my time.

I am officially in hermit mode. In traditional tarot an upright hermit card (a major arcana) symbolizes self-isolation, inner guidance and soul searching. When this card appears in a spread the person in question has withdrawn energetically and is focusing their attention inward. Hermit mode is the journey of self-discovery lead by your higher consciousness. In fact, while divining last week the crown of my spread was the solitude card which represents the hermit card in John Holland’s “The Psychic Tarot Oracle” deck ( my favorite deck to use).

I am standing confidently in my solitude but I know that this period of isolation will be uncomfortable at times. Despite the discomfort,

I need the purge!

Over the past few months, I have found inner peace, increased self-love, happiness, and balance. But I did struggle letting go of a past connection. We will call her Star. Our connection started unexpectedly, moved quickly, and ended prematurely. What made it even more difficult is the fact that the connection did not end on bad terms. Not having a villain makes the purging process tough because no one is at fault. We are still cordial, wish each other the best, communicate sparingly, and value each other’s opinion. Yet subconsciously I was still holding on to the future “us” that I created in my head. I needed to purge and that is exactly what I did. I had to let go of Star, self-destructing thoughts, and toxic individuals.

I am ready for new beginnings! I fully embrace this period of introspection because I am falling deeper in love with myself. You find the most intimate and loving aspect of yourself in hermit mode. Embrace it Sis.

Ask yourself…

Are you embracing hermit mode or resisting it?

What have you learned about yourself during your period of isolation?

What are you releasing?


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